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Frequently Asked Questions


How many people can the Hall hold?


The Hall can seat around 110 people.  For dinners and lunches, 8-10 tables can be arrranged to seat 6-8 people. 

Is there room for a Bouncy Castle? 


Yes, the ceiling is 3 metres high and there is plenty of space for a small bouncy castle.

Is there parking available?


There is limited parking available behind the Hall.  We ask event organisers who will be leaving together to double park here.  There are also parking spaces along Hut Lane, however guests must not park on both sides of this lane as it will obstruct access for emergency vehicles.  We advise you to nominate someone to manage the parking for your event. We also ask guests not to block access for local residents living close to the Hall.

Can I hire out tables and chairs?


It costs £2.00 per day to hire a large table and £1.50 per day to hire a small table, for indoor functions only. Unfortunately the chairs are not available for hire.

Can we sell alcohol?


No, you will need to contact Wealden District Council and apply for a TEN Licence.

Can we play music? 

Yes there is a Premises Licence which covers live and recorded music, dancing and late night refreshments.  

Is there Disabled access? 


There is a ramp for wheelchair access at one of the emergency exits. There is also a modern disabled lavatory.

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