Committee Meeting Minutes 


Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday, 6th December 2017

Directors/Trustees meeting

PRESENT: Janet Tourell, Mike Garner, Barbara Ball, Joan Wiltshire, Rachel Lewis (ex officio adviser)

RL clarified the changes to the hall’s charitable status; we are now an incorporated organisation – Hadlow Down Village Hall Ltd with limited liability; all ‘directors’ have received leaflets explaining their responsibilities. RL said that MG had been concerned about corporation tax but this wouldn’t be a problem and she advised him to contact Peter Duffy, the accountant she has used previously who will advise. ACTION: JT has Peter’s contact details and will email MG with them.

RL explained that only the board can vote on matters, this includes Kathy Cracknell who wasn’t currently present. All other members of the committee i.e. representative and co-opted members can advise and contribute to the discussion but cannot vote. In future before each committee meeting there will be a ten minute meeting of the ‘board’: monies will be discussed only at board meetings. The charity’s number must be on all cheque books. ACTION: MG to sort this out with the bank.

JT asked MG if Beatrice had been paid and if she had put in a time-sheet for her work in the last couple of months: this was confirmed.


Main meeting:

PRESENT: Janet Tourell, Mike Garner, Helen Bonnick (Parish Council), Barbara Ball, Joan Wiltshire, Rachel Lewis, Gwen Smith, Don Smith, Suzanne Hammond,

APOLOGIES: Kathy Cracknell

JT introduced new representative and co-opted members of committee to each other.

MINUTES OF MEETING HELD ON 13.9.17  AND MATTERS ARISING:  -  JT reviewed the Action points from the last meeting .

Beatrice hadn’t informed the committee of the title she would prefer: JT to pursue this point.

JT said that reminders about sweeping the floor after use had been sent out – Bowls Club representatives confirmed this was so.

Minutes were approved and signed

CHAIR’S REPORT:  JT delivered report see attached

7.10 approx - Beatrice Felicité entered committee room to give her report. She apologised for her absence when the meeting started but she couldn’t get a baby-sitter; the children were with her. She reported that bookings were now easier with the new system, however clearing up after bookings was sometimes difficult; parties in particular don’t seem to realise that it is their responsibility to leave the hall clean and tidy.

There had been a particular problem with one of the new dance classes when someone had put talcum powder on to the wooden floor - this had resulted in making it very slippery for other users.

 BF said that the security box was working well. MG said that he should like to liaise with her regarding payments, it was agreed that cancellations should surrender the key. With regard to the messy parties which are such a problem it was suggested that a surcharge should be levied on the hirers . ACTION: To be discussed between JT, MG and BF

BF left after 15 minutes.


Community acc.: £6,674.00

Saver acc.: £3,437.00

MG said that the hall rentals were covering costs so far but he was concerned that there was no charge relating to kitchen use, perhaps we should look at this? For example, the floor in the kitchen was getting very worn in places and we should be prepared to replace it in the future; non-users should perhaps have cheaper rates?

The business of cleaning after parties was raised again - JT said that Beatrice had offered to clean for a one-off fee when needed because cleaners weren’t always available at weekends. The basic rate for evening parties at the weekend is £35. SH suggested £50 for cleaning with £100 deposit. BB said that the Horticultural Society had hired a cleaner to tidy and clean the morning after their supper; she was finished before the hirers arrived! ACTION: see above MG, BF and JT to liaise.

JT reported that RL had applied for two grants on the Hall’s behalf; one had failed but the other was successful. She thanked RL for her work for which we are very grateful.


Horticultural Society:  BB reported that the supper had gone well and that everything else seems OK

Bowls Club: DS and GS reported that the Bowls Club was the best that it had been for a very long time; the Hadlow Down Festival had got more people interested. The club was currently fourth in the league and Don was happy!!!

Variety Club: The pantomime has been postponed until January 26th and 27th because of one member’s ill-health. This also means that the possible play, originally intended for early April, will now happen early May -  4th and 5th.

Engage: SH reported that membership was creeping up and both clubs had got a few more volunteers.  The Christmas lunches were next on the agenda and then there would be a short break for both clubs over the Christmas/New Year period. There was also a possible new chef in the offing. In January the off-shoot Blackboys club was starting again, this had been missed by some of the members.

Tai Chi: MG had asked if this club was still going? JT said that she thought it was.

Pilates: JT said that sadly the club had finished because the tutor was doing a course.

Tap dancing: JT and JW reported that this club is still going but doesn’t meet in the school holidays.

Scouts: HB reported that the Cub Scouts now meet in the church but the Beaver Scouts meet in the Hall early on Mondays therefore giving them time to clear before the Variety Club needs the hall.

Latin Rhythms/ Lindyhop: MG said that the Ballroom and Latin classes were most affected by the talc on the floor episode; one lady had fallen and pulled a muscle in her leg. Melanie from Lindyhop had contacted Beatrice to apologise and confirm that it won’t happen again.

MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING: JT reported that it had been a difficult period because of the smell from the drains. Southern Water had been contacted but denied that it was their responsibility. After a good deal of investigating with cameras and subsequent good advice from the father of a neighbour who is a retired health inspector, it turned out that it was Southern Water’s responsibility and that the main sewer in the adjacent field was badly blocked. ACTION: JT writing to Southern Water with invoices to complain and ask for compensation.

The smell has now gone but it is likely that the main sewer is damaged. JT has asked the Parish Council to approach Southern Water about this as well.

The fire doors in the main hall have been repaired by Nigel Harrison. TN22 Plus club were rightly concerned about them not working.

Nigel has also repaired and tidied up the hand rail and ramp outside the front door as well as doing much of the investigation work with MG when the smell was present; many thanks to both!

Lucy seems to be coping with the weekly cleaning, although she does report occasionally that the hall floor is left very dirty (not swept).

JT said that she has asked the Parish Council for part of the precept grant to be spent on a microwave/grill for the kitchen – she hasn’t heard anything yet.


It was decided that the Spring Market would be on Saturday 24th March

The Variety Club’s play will be on May 4th and 5th

JT said that she had been talking to JW’s son, Paul Boswell, about a possible ‘Swing Band’ evening – the committee agreed that it was an interesting idea. ACTION: JW to investigate further with Paul.


JT said that she had received a forwarded letter from Sandra Richards and Ned Neill about a suggested donation of £100 to the Parish Magazine. ACTION: The Committee agreed to this proposal.

Re the Film Nights – JT and RL said that they were disappointed in the small attendances during the past season and if things didn’t pick up by June (end of next season) the club may have to stop.

Re. the kitchen appliances, BB said that the microwave in the kitchen was a good idea and that she’d also been investigating the dishwasher and had found a suitable one in Kensington’s. ACTION: JT to consult Nigel about changes to the kitchen to accommodate the dishwasher.

SH asked if something could be done about the drop from the concrete road at the end of Hut Lane to the dirt road of Hall Lane. It was becoming dangerous for pedestrians as well as giving cars a jolt when they turned the corner.  She is also concerned about icy puddles in the road when members of the TN22 Clubs arrive. ACTION: JT said that she has salt when needed.

ACTION: HB to bring the matter of the road to a Parish Council meeting.

JT also said that the cost of the village hall filling holes in the road concerned her and she felt that in future the Mines and the Walkers further up the lane should be asked for a contribution as they use the road just as much. This was agreed by the Committee.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, 7th February     Board meeting: 6.45 pm                                                                                                Main Meeting:   7.30 pm